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Validation of cognitive studies with individuals with 22q11DS

At the 3 rd international conference on 22q11 in Barcelona in November 2020, Ronnie Weinberger (Sheba Medical Center – Tel Aviv University) addressed the issue of validating cognitive studies with individuals with 22q11DS, using a Computerized Neurocognitive Battery (CNB).

In their everyday life, 22q11 individuals may have troubles with everyday functioning due to their cognitive profile. Neuro-cognitive deficits may include attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder, depression and anxiety disorder.

Frequent neurocognitive evaluations should be conducted to help 22q11 with those conditions, to help with early identification and intervention. However, standard battery test may not be suitable, and few comprehensive computerized batteries are adapted for 22q11.

In the presentation, the researchers showed that tests can be designed to be reliable, thorough, comprehensive and efficient for 22q11 individuals, in order to be a reliable proxy of general intelligence.

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